My sweet little Bro

My Bro

Cute Innocent & caring - Dats my younger bro


Dad's Love

My hero - dad wid my bro.


Me & Bro

Loving & caring bond of brohood


Jodi No. 1

Mom & Dad



Chashme Bahaddar junior.

Published on November 29, 2012, by in Featured.

When there is darkness all around , you fall down .. Dont give up , Stand on your feet

Remember the one whom you love – you cherish , dust off you sleeves & start running again .

The path may be difficult but the sweet fruit of glory is what matters , what makes you win !


well , first of all hello to all. I always thought that my first post as a blogger would be something cool, something awesome. But the time I am posting is a bit harsh. I always thought when we dont do bad nothing bad happens.  -Totally busted