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Pranav Prakash Saraf

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About Me


Age :22 year        MALE

Cell No : +918928948431

Email : pranav@pranavsaraf.in

    Hello friends, welcome to my personal webpage. Hope you like the diary interface. I am Pranav Prakash Saraf, a web developer who like to develop webpages out of the box. Currently i am looking for some challenging stuff that would take HTML web pages to a new level.

    In this introduction i would also like to write about the person who has made me who I am today - my DAD . I Love you DAD & hope you feel happy to see this webpage. Missing you a lot.


                             STAY FOOLISH

Official References (C.V)

SSC from Little Flower High SchoolMar2005 - Mar2007


 Little Flower High School is one of the prestigious convents with excellent teaching staff & a disciplined way of life.

HSC Deogiri College AurangabadMar2007 - Mar2008


 Well! doing HSC with elective subject as electronics from as good college as Deogiri was a very good experience. At this phase we have to simultaniously study for CET as well as HSC. I gues that's where we practically learn multitasking!

B.Tech MIT AURANGABADAug2008 - Aug2012

Completed B.Tech Computer science & engg.


 Studying for Engineering is when we get thoroughly aquainted with the technical details of particular domain. That's when we learn to see software as a finished product instead of what we used.

Intern EngineerJan2012 - Jul2012

Created a gate pass system

 The phase of real experience is the time when we get aquainted with reality & learn very rapidly & presisely what we want. In Gudel India I was given chance to develop a Gate Pass System(Gkeeper) independently which is up & running in the company premises.

Interests & hobbies


 As an hobby experimenting with different crops in my aquaponic bed serves as a good way to spend my time in productive & stress busting aquaculture.

Web Designing

 Whenever there is spare time, trying to design innovative & attractive web pages brushes up the knowledge & projects the creativity in right direction


 Trekking once in a while in week & exploring new terrains around the city serves as a good stress buster.

Coin CollectionJan2012 - Jul2012

 Collecting rare coins whenewer i get a chance to grab one serves a good hobby & induces a feeling of achieving something rare.


 Travelling & exploring new places induces a thought "journey is more important than the end or the start ."

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